Full 3D CAD Facility

CMS can offer full or part project management to you and your team. Using the CAD software Solidworks, CMS can bring substantial cost savings to tooling projects.
Solidworks is a complete 3D product design solution, providing our development team with mechanical design, verification, data management and communication tools all within the same package. This software is the first validation software created to enable engineers and designers to improve on product quality and safety by testing 3D CAD models under real world conditions prior to manufacture.

In conjunction with our rapid prototyping and structural analysis services can significantly reduce tooling costs and lead times as it helps to avoid any modifications of tooled components for either aesthetic, functional or structural purposes.

Depending on the individual project, CMS can also accept and produce traditional 2D drawings for quotation and tooling purposes and if necessary 3D models can be created from the original 2D format.

Members of ACID

CMS are now members of ACID - (Anti Copying in Design). ACID is a membership organisation, committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for intellectual property within corporate social responsibility.

The powerful ACID logo is an internationally recognised symbol of deterrence and design protection - helping to protect members from the potentially devastating financial damage inflicted by intellectual property infringement.

We hope in turn that this will help strengthen the confidence our clients have in us; offer protection of intellectual property and help to convey the professional manner and seriousness in which we manage any project we undertake.

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