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IP act becomes law

 The 1st of October was a significent date for design law - a new Intellectual Property Act became law and it is now a crime to intentionally infringe a registered design.

The changes which are set out in The Intellectual Property Act have been introduced to:

• Reduce the scale of registered design infringement by acting as a deterrent
• Increase protection for the holders of registered designs
• Better punish perpetrators of blatant design infringement. Individual Directors will also be liable

Intentionally infringing a registered design and producing a copy that differs from an original in only immaterial respects now becomes a criminal offence punishable by up to ten years in prison.

This is a significant development for designers but for the time being the change in the law will only assist those designers who have registered their designs at either the Intellectual Property Office in England or at the Community Design Office in Alicante.

It does not cover unregistered designs.

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