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Extra Slow Steaming

Since first notifying you of the roll on effects of extra slow steaming in March this year, fuel prices and international awareness of greenhouse gas emissions have continued to soar, as a consequence over 225 shipping companies have decided to slow their vessels down from 25 knots (full throttle) to 20 knots (Extra slow steaming), negatively impacting our delivery times.

Having analysed our container transit times a percentage of containers are taking up to 43days in transit, we will continue to push our shipping line but it maybe prudent to allow a minimum of 10 weeks from initial order through to delivery.

If you are aware of any existing orders please contact CMS for a updated delivery schedule.

Please also be aware that any orders placed early next year will be subject to the Asian New Year shutdown (29th January for minimum of 10 working days).

We will continue to keep you updated with the latest news.